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Gurudwara Agaul Sahib

This Gurdwara is situated at the place where Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji stayed for some time. It is believed that when Guruji left this place the standing sugarcane crop in the village caught fire. An elderly man told the villagers that Guruji had come to the village but was not given a suitable welcome by them. The villagers rushed to Guruji and met him in Dhangira village and asked for forgiveness. Guruji told them not to worry and told them to go and crush the burnt sugarcane and the same will be sweeter than before. It is said that the sugar cane was actually found to be extra sweet . It is also said that the Sarovar of Agaul Sahib is blessed by Guruji and has curing powers.

To reach Gurudwara Agual Sahib in Patiala, you can consider the following transportation options:

By Car or Taxi: If you’re traveling by car or taxi, you can use navigation apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps to navigate to Gurudwara Agual Sahib. Simply enter the destination address for the most accurate route guidance.

By Bus: Look for local bus routes that pass through Patiala. Once you reach Patiala, you can inquire about buses or local transportation options that can take you to Gurudwara Agual Sahib.

By Train: Find the nearest railway station to Patiala. Patiala Railway Station is the main railway station serving the city. From there, you can hire a taxi or use local transportation to reach Gurudwara Agual Sahib.

By Air: If you’re traveling from a distant location, you can fly to Chandigarh International Airport, which is the nearest major airport to Patiala. From there, you can hire a taxi or use other ground transportation options to reach Gurudwara Agual Sahib.

Once you reach Patiala, you can ask locals or use navigation assistance to find the exact location of Gurudwara Agual Sahib.

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