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Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib

During his second missionary journey to South India, the first Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, visited the ancient Hindu temple of Omkareshwar on the Narmada River and reached Naded after his stops at Nagpur and Khandwa. From Nanded he proceeded towards Hyderabad and Golconda where he met Muslim saints and then came to Bidar to meet Jalaluddin and Yakub Ali. Guru Sahib along with Bhai Mardana stayed on the outskirts of Bidar where the Nanak Jhira Gurdwara is now situated, nearby were the huts of Muslim fakirs who were eager to receive teachings and teachings from Guru Dev. Soon this news spread throughout Bidar and its surrounding areas and holy saints and people from the north started coming to Guru Dev in large numbers. There was an acute shortage of drinking water in the region of Bidar. People dug many wells for water but all their efforts had failed. Even if water came out of the well, it was also unfit for drinking. This pathetic condition of the people moved Guru Nanak Dev Ji. With the divine name on his lips and kindness in his heart, Guru Nanak Dev Ji touched the hill with his foot and removed the stone from that place. All the people were surprised as soon as the stone was removed. As soon as that stone was removed, a stream of cold and sweet water started coming out from that place. Soon that place came to be known as Nanak Jhira. A beautiful Gurudwara was built on the bank of that stream. Now the water of that stream collects in a small Amrit Kund made of white marble. There is a kitchen where Guru Ka Langar is prepared. Where passengers are given free food round the clock.

To reach Gurdwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib in Bidar, Karnataka, India, you can follow these general directions:

By Air: The nearest airport to Bidar is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, Telangana, which is about 140 kilometers away. After reaching the airport, you can hire a taxi or use a ride-sharing service to reach Bidar. The journey from Hyderabad to Bidar will take approximately 3-4 hours.

By Train: Bidar has its own railway station, Bidar Railway Station. You can check for trains connecting your location to Bidar. From the railway station, you can hire a taxi or use local transportation to reach Gurdwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib. The distance is approximately 3-4 kilometers, and the journey will take around 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic.

By Bus: Bidar is well-connected by road, and you can take a bus from major cities in Karnataka or neighboring states to reach Bidar. Once you reach Bidar, you can use local transportation like auto-rickshaws or cycle rickshaws to reach Gurdwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib.

By Car/Taxi: If you’re driving, use a navigation app like Google Maps or Apple Maps. Enter “Gurdwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib, Gurudwara Nanak Jhira, Shiva Nagar, Bidar, Karnataka 585401” as your destination. The app will provide the best route based on current traffic conditions.

Local Transportation: Once you reach Bidar, you can use local transportation like auto-rickshaws or cycle rickshaws to reach Gurdwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib. Confirm the fare with the driver before starting the journey.

Always confirm the directions and mode of transportation based on your starting point and current circumstances. When visiting religious sites like Gurdwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib, it’s advisable to dress respectfully and follow any customs or traditions.

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