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Gurudwara Muktsar Sahib

Muktsar is the headquarters of the Sub Division of District Faridkot and is a prosperous town. It is also a famous pilgrimage place. Near this, 40 devoted Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh who came from Manjha, who are called “Chalis Mukte”, attained martyrdom while fighting with Nawab Wazir Khan’s army. The martyrdom of these forty Mukts had turned the face of the Mughal army and this place was known as Khidrane ki Dhab. After the martyrdom of forty Mukts, this place became famous by the name of Muktsar. Presently a luxurious Gurudwara is built on this martyrdom site of forty freed people. Which is known as Gurdwara Muktsar Sahib. Apart from a large number of Sikh Sangat, tourists also come here. And express their faith towards Gurdwara Muktsar Sahib.
The battle of Khidrane ki Dhab was the last battle of Guru Gobind Singh ji’s life. This battle took place on 29 December 1705. Guru Gobind Singh ji himself performed the last rites of the martyrs. At the time when Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj was collecting the dead bodies of the forty freed, one of them, Bhai Mahasingh, who was seriously injured, was sobbing. His condition was very serious. But his breath was longing to see the Guru. When Guru Gobind Singh ji saw him, he went ahead and kept this brother Mahasingh’s head in his lap and asked- “Tell me if you have any wish.” Add it up And please join me at your feet.

To reach Gurudwara Muktsar Sahib, you can use different modes of transportation depending on your location and preferences. Here are several options:

1. By Car or Taxi: If you have access to a car or prefer a taxi, you can drive to Gurudwara Muktsar Sahib. You can use a GPS navigation system or a maps app on your smartphone to guide you to the gurudwara. Simply input the gurudwara’s address into the navigation app for directions.

2. By Bus: You can check for bus services that connect your starting location to Sri Muktsar Sahib. Various state and private bus operators provide services to the area. Once you arrive at the Muktsar bus station or a nearby bus stop, you can hire a local taxi, auto-rickshaw, or cycle-rickshaw to reach Gurudwara Muktsar Sahib. The gurudwara is usually a well-known landmark, and locals should be able to provide directions.

3. By Train: The nearest railway station to Sri Muktsar Sahib is the Muktsar Railway Station (station code: MKSR). You can take a train to Muktsar Railway Station if there is a convenient connection from your starting location. From the railway station, you can hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw to reach the gurudwara.

4. By Air: The nearest major airport is Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport (IATA: ATQ) in Amritsar, which is approximately 170 kilometers (about 105 miles) away from Muktsar Sahib. After arriving at the airport, you can hire a taxi or use a ridesharing service to reach Muktsar Sahib. The journey by road from Amritsar to Muktsar Sahib takes around 3-4 hours.

Before traveling, it’s a good idea to check for transportation options and schedules based on your starting location and the current conditions. Additionally, once you arrive in Muktsar Sahib, you can ask for directions to Gurudwara Muktsar Sahib from locals or the staff at nearby businesses, as it is a significant religious site in the area and is likely to be well-known.

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